Welcome To My Politician.

This is not a League Table.

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At least that’s what I’m saying right now.  And I mean it.

Unlike the Federal Government’s expensive attempts to create websites about anything and everything so you and I can rate them without having any real, or reliable, or complete data to go on, this site will attempt to collect everything published anywhere on the Internet about or by your local politician.

There will be a semblance of order, date order at least and I’ll also attempt to categorize the information as it comes to hand.

I am not nor ever hope to be another Julian and publish what they don’t want published.  I will publish everything I can find that they have published in the hope that you can find out exactly what they say and stand for before you have to vote for them.

If the information on your local politician is a little threadbare it might be because they haven’t actually done or said anything noteworthy.  If you have information to the contrary then you are quite at liberty to publish that information here.

Enjoy, leave comments, play nice.