In the spirit of the My School and My Hospital websites this site gives you all the information I can find about your local politician.

I am trying very hard to be totally apolitical here so there is no accusation of bias.

If I get that bit right no politician will like this site.  What a wonderful thing.

You can get involved here, comment on the news items etc.

Yes there are rules, please no vilification, foul language, personal abuse, flame wars etc.

If your comment gets deleted or not published it will because, in my opinion, it could lead to legal ramifications for this site or is just too offensive to publish.  It will definitely not be because I don’t agree with your ideas.

My Politician is dedicated to gathering as much information as possible about Your local politician.  The information is collected from sites across the Internet, not all of them authorized or approved by your local politician.

Another source of information is you.  Your comments and observations are just as important as what the media or the politician’s media units have to say.

Most of what they publish is spin, another word for spin is lies.  I hate lies.

As far as I able to determine most of your local politicians have no idea what the truth of any situation really is.  They don’t do ANY of their own research and rely on advisers to keep them informed.

Most of what they are told is bent and twisted to prove the point the advisers want them to have.  Often what happens is the politicians make an announcement on a position and then defend it forever.

Not changing your position in the light of new information is a sign of stupidity not strength of conviction.  When a politician changes their position it isn’t a back-flip to be derided it’s actually a sign of strength of character that they are able to say “I got it wrong and am prepared to change my position in the light of new information.”

That’s my position at the moment in any case, it may change later.

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